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1、Professional factory

Dremen has independent production plant, which is equipped with advanced modern devices to ensure high-quality products. Compared with other brands, Dremen cabinets are more stable. Plates have engraved logo. All components are manufactured by Dremen.

2、Green and environmental materials

Major materials of Dremen's household products adopt Wanhua composite stalk board, the unique owner of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology issued by the State Council and owner of American CARB formaldehyde-free exemption certificate, with favorable deformation resistance and flame resistance. In addition, Wanhua composite stalk board adopts extremely secure MDI ecological adhesive instead of unstable urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive used in common artificial panels, thus it can be installed immediately and free of influence on consumers' health.

3、Professional quality

All panels of Dremen household products are treated by several processes like high temperature and high pressure. The surface is laminated with imported melamine veneer. Based on advanced all computer control devices and excellent production technologies, we can assure the customers of high-quality products.

4、Professional team

Dremen has excellent design team and design philosophy. It has launched several series of customized products with different styles to meet the requirements of customers. Moreover, the company has established perfect after-sales services to offer professional services.

5、Terminal win-win system

Terminal win-win system Dremen has established perfect training system and a set of complete Store Operations Standardized Management System. Three marketing support includes advertising, operational and activity support.

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